About JSA

The Jaffna Science Association (JSA) was established in 1991 by the founder president late Prof.A.Thurairajah. The primary objectives of the JSA are dissemination of scientific knowledge among the intellectuals in Jaffna region. The JSA comprises four sections.

Section A : For Pure Science

Section B : For Applied Science and Technology

Section C : For Medical Science

Section D : For Social Science

The JSA has an executive committee which is contains following people. President, President Elect, Past President, General Secretary, Asst. General Secretary, Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer, Chairperson-Section-A, Chairperson-Section-B, Chairperson-Section-C and Chairperson-Section-D. Each sections also have sectional committee which is contains Chair Person, Secretary, Editor and up to five members.

For the past many years it has been working tirelessly to achieve its goals. The Jaffna Science Association has been conducting popular talks, seminars, research paper discussions ans school science programs to disseminate the latest scientific knowledge and its advancements to the general public. In addition to these activities the applied science section of the JSA also publishes a scientific magazine entitled “Pirayoga Vingnana Sudar” in bilingual to disseminate scientific knowledge. The JSA also published a newsletter, which carries short scientific communications and information about the JSA activities in the recent past.